It’s your Karma, just deal!

So a lot of people have been asking me to write my understanding on karma and what I think it entails, let me add, I do not believe in karma. I do not believe in it, cause I honestly think we the human race live on energy and I think karma is all about energy. What you attract and repel, kinda of energy.

For those that don’t know what karma is, it is Hinduism and Buddhism for the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. This to me has a few dimensions to be explored, one is the religious connotations it bares and the unpacking of in what life will this karma catch up with you. And of course, if whether karma only has the effect in catching up with you only when you do bad.

Firstly karma is in its whole being, not for Christians or any other religion other than Hinduism or Buddhism. It has its dogmas in these religions, and no karma has nothing to do with following your bad or evil deeds. It has to do with all your actions, and it has nothing to do with judging you for these wrongdoings but has everything to do with deciding your future fate. Now before I even confuse myself, when you religiously go to gym, your fate is that of a healthy lifestyle, well built body, strength, energy etcetera. But we all know of people that collapsed at the gym or those that couldn’t pass a fitness test. For you my brothers and sisters, it is perhaps important that subtly wishing that karma catches up with a person that has for one reason or the other hurt you is not only futile but also unchristian.

Karma as explained above has nothing to do with a collections of your evil did, so if you going to insist on calling on karma to take its cause on people you better start thinking of calling on karma to take this very same route when someone gives you a lift or any act of random of kindness or planned kindness for the matter. A question that we might want to touch on while here, is that are Christian so bitterly evil that they will borrow another religion’s doctrine and use it for casting uncouth, evil and unchristian wishes on fellow people? To an extend of even embracing its effect even when a person acted in a bona fide manner? Are we that evil a people, that we are too quick to wish all kinds of bad things to people that hurt us, merely or largely.

While we were using the idea of karma wrongly, has it ever occurred to you that the rough patch you might have been going through might be karma catching up with you? Does it mean that when you are been hurt, the person will get karma’s mighty fury or could it be that you are been dealt a blow for your previous wrongs? Or are we so oblivious to our wrongdoings that we think only we are prune to been wrong done at?

I suggest that before we starting calling on karma, we must understand its origins, also use it as a decent person would a pack of salt they borrowed from the neighbour. Use it as humanly right as possible, when you don’t understand how it works return it to its owners and stop over inflating your opinion of your hurt by wishing bad things to those that supposedly hurt you. It is unchristian and funny enough unhinduism and unbuddhism.

By Mafedi Selepe


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