What is Pan-Afrikanisim?

This isn’t the new bandwagon ride to hop on, for the cool kids. It in fact is our inherent being as a black Afrikan constituency. In simple terms Pan-Afrikanisim is the togetherness in solidarity of Afrikans, where we aren’t looking at been accepted by other people, but our self search and stumble finding of each and every Afrikan.

The biggest problem I have with other fellow Pan-Afrikanists is that we are trying to steal as opposed to borrowing from other groups that have their own movement that works for their people.

Our Afrikan-ness started off as an anti-colonial and anti-slavery movement, to some other parts of Afrika it even got to a movement against Apartheid.

For Pan-Afrikanist, such as Edward Wilmont Blyden, part of the call for Afrikan unity was to return the Diaspora to Afrika, whereas others, such as Frederick Douglass, called for rights in their adopted countries. I for one am for both. Why? You could ask? We as Afrikans have allowed non-Afrikans to enjoy rights in Afrika and to obviously exercise more rights in their natives lands. Where they already enjoy Edward’s dream of unity.

Eurocentrism is one such a movement that works like a well oiled machine, now we need not copy and paste their ways of doing. As this will only serve to make us perpetuate the submissive ways that we already find ourself in. We can borrow and tweak as and when we should. We already a far behind in conforming to yet another Eurocentric norm as 1st World Countries, but what we need to know is the cradle of humankind is ours, making us the highest form of authoritarians of the planet. So in seeking the humanness and its very fiber we need not look no further.

Our slave ancestors were fighting a different battle, which in its own had to a very large extend Pan-Afrikanism. Stretched to limits of freedom, but inherently the freedom of sons and daughters of Azania enmasse. We the 21st Century generation have our own fights and need to conquer them, we need to navigate and realize that the baton we have wasn’t handed to us by men and women who had it all or at all. But start to see that we have a huge task of running the next mile and make it easier for our future little Afrikan leaders to have it better, maybe not easy but better.

The concept that we are beautiful, intelligent, decent and civilized need to be the back parts of our hands. We need to know that we have all you need to be economically unified and uplifted, politically progressive and socially cohesive to have men and women that can uplift the Azania that Thomas Sankara, Kwame Nkurumah, Bantu Biko and Mangaliso Sobukwe dreamed and hand-crafted with their bare hands in words and actions.

Failure to do so, the blame will squarely be rested on our shoulders


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