The Rumbles

The wheel of life turns inevitably, always.

We have no means to stop the invariable constant, at all.

It will always move in the direction of destroying, mending and creating.

You can’t align yourself with the fate, but it will find you.


Feeling empty is as such as guaranteed as death.

Life is as expected as eternal happiness.

All you can have is never more than what you lost.

Faith, Hope and Believe must resonate with the echoes of your hurts.


Staying positive is almost unheard of.

The positivity that one can muster is never without negativity.

Once we lack purpose we build failure.

The irony is that we in fact build something.


When our minds are uninspired they are bound to destroy us.

Keep a circle that moves with the inevitable turning of life.

The constant invariable will propel you to greater heights.

An idle man is dangerous to self in all kinds of ways.


Where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.


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