Open letter to Vodacom.

Dear Vodacom,


It is with great pleasure that I express my underhanded disappointment to your of late recent spate of inconsistency to your consumers. You see I say it is a great pleasure to some sorely cause I have as a result found my refugee in one of your biggest competitors, at the moment I’m currently working on getting my family and close friends know of our 12 years long relationship break-up and spill all the reasons


I have only had 3 numbers, all of them Vodacom. With no shame I spoke high of you and marked all networks across the board with folly, cause my with the “Yebo Gogo” pay-off line I was sold, well the truth is your network was really stable and had your day to day issue, like any other semisynthetic manmade solution to a problem. But the recent no solution way you have, on the web, phone and over the counter is not helping you slowly dying and incompetent state at large.


The adorn Vodacom that had the wade over way of doing things is now surfacing with a feeble sense of been irrational to the men pumping its revenues from the bottom food chain, after been with you for an odd 12 years, Am I not supposed to by now know your ins and outs? I was seen going up and down for a month cause of a weak signal that saw a sudden forays at my habitat of over 2 years, was labelled with a tone of the satirist you harbour as employees as a caricature. That saw me going from pillar to post, from Vodaworld, Vodacare, support centre and your twitter account. I wonder if I am not family no more, albeit my voice SIM card that has been under your highness’s hubris network for over a decade and my data card with Vodacom for over 3 years. I am within my rights to be so irked and peeved.


Look my issue here might not be proportionally rationale to your inversely proportion rate of service visa vie your clients. But it has more to do with the way you perpetually fail to make up for your consecutive mess up. I started with the 111 support line, where I was told to call the data line. The guy I spoke to there had either fell grace to the lagers or ciders of SAB or had been equally imbibing some Scottish waters. Failure then coerced me to see myself at the Vodaworld premises, as aforementioned. With no joy, at all. Then I went to Vodacare out in Fourways, this was where I found a little bit of useless help. Shame she really tried, to sound so monotonous with the robotic way of doing things. Told me: “Sir, your phone is losing network because it is on 3G network”, really? Isn’t it supposed to be on 3G and failover over to 2G if and when the area is not 3G ready? Like really now? Now here is a killer one, she went on and said we can upgrade your firmware, for around R200 and I must emphasise that, you have a 50/50 chance of the upgrade working or losing your phone, which we will not be liable to. I vividly remember asking: “So are you saying that from 10 phones that you guys upgrade its firmware, 5 of them don’t make it and you guys are cool with that?” She laughed and said it will take 2 hours to upgrade.


We are all aware that you are no longer South African, believe me it really doesn’t change the price of fish and chips. It’s more of a butter for fat situation, I am worried about. Where I give in money and not get my desired service. The service has ebbed since the inception of Vodafone was a public wash down domain, this has been so clear that even us the blind loyal clients had to read via our braille that shit has hit the proverbial fan. I wouldn’t be so highly disappointed if it was a once off, but I can’t exhaust 4 of your different avenues for the same reason with no joy and be expected to act as if family business is still the same. This charlatan way of doing things must cease fire before it is impossible to exit via the stairs. The saddest thing is that, the bottom food chain suffers more from this. The enmasse feeling that I had from the first day I owned a phone 12 years ago, has been bewrayed. Thanks Vodacom, for a 12 years of just about everything and a month of nothing but a waste of my absolute time.


Oh by the way, I went to MTN. Got a SIM card, and called their Chilli Lane shop out in Sunninghill and they said they can upgrade the firmware for free in 20min. All I wanted to hear, why charge people to stay with you?


Mafedi Selepe


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